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DECONSTUCTION AND REFURBISHING HAS BEGUN The Board of Directors has begun the arduous task of renewing
the Museum’s most valuable asset -- the historic Phoenicia
Railway Station. And it seems it will be one room at a time.
Early in January everything was removed from the Station
Agent’s Office and we mean everything! All artifacts, archival
photos and other paraphrenalia is all in the waiting room being
meticulously sorted. Once the initial sorting of whether or not
the pieces are indeed archival and supportive of our mission,
the fine tuning, cataloging, deassessioning and proper storage will begin.


The empty room has been thoroughly washed down from ceiling to floor and will be done again. Needed carpentry and electrical work will be completed while maintaining the historical nature of the museum. Just having new energy-efficient lights put in place has immensely improved lighting. There will also be insulating measures taken. When all this is done, the room will resemble
the look and feel of the original Station Agent’s Office with many of our artifacts on display including telegraph equipment. The
room’s highlight will be member Bob Bucenec’s diorama (also
refurbished) of the railyard that was active at the turn of the 20th century. Looking past the newly positioned diorama out of the bay windows you could imagine what it might have been like.


Shown are some pictures of before we cleaned out the room, the empty room and how everthing was stacked in the Waiting Room. Right now work is continuing with only a few members but soon more volunteers will need to step up to help with the painting,
refurbishing and cataloging.


Annual Meeting/Member Appreciation May 19, 2018

The ESRM Annual Meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. in the
historic Phoenicia Railway Station. Voting Members will review
and approve 2017 business plus elect three Board of Director candidates. Info is in the mail along with proxies if necessary.
Immediately following that, members can view the changes to
the building done over the winter months. Then an invitation-only lunch will be served at 12 noon and at 1 p.m. there will be a
complimentary preview RAIL BIKE ride presented by Rail
Explorers for Members. Invitations will be in the mail mid-April.

Rail Explorers will open to the public May 26

For fees/info go to railexplorers.net

ESRM Curator Tom Comito often walks his dog along this famous abandoned railbed in Phoenicia. He thought it showed up well with the snowfall and was wondering if you could identify it. ESRM members will get all the details in their Spring newsletter.

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how you can becomE an esrm member

We’d love to have you join! To request our 2018 Membership/Donation Form, please email Peggy.Cardillo@esrm.com or info@esrm.com