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Filled with many heart-warming or
-chilling stories, Moe Lemire ,aka
Storm, had a rapt audience for his
Appalachian Trail Journey: Railrod Style talk on September 24. Those attending learned of the melancholy story of the staff he used on the trail to honor his friend’s father that helped to scare away unwanted visitors by the tapping it made because of the plumber's fitting on the tip. Oh, and we can’t foget about his night alone in the wilderess surrounded by coyotes.Along with some of his

October 15, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

John M. Ham

will present his tenth railroad book

Along the Old West Shore:

Weehawken to Buffalo

This is the only book ever published about the entirety of the New York Central’s West Shore Railroad, a
450 mile line that ran along the
western banks of the Hudson River
and west along the Erie Canal to
Buffalo on Lake Erie. The book
covers over 100 stations and short
sections about the West Shore’s
branch lines to Earlville, the Catskill
Mountain Branch, and the Wallkill
Valley line.
amazing photographs of mountain tops through 13 states from Georgia to Maine, there were photos of the numberous railroad lines that the trail crosses including the special Amtrak stop in New York to bring hikers into NYC. THANK YOU STORM!
Under the guidance of our Volunteer Coordinator Allan Welch our volunteers have given generously of their time and have accomplished some amazing tasks so far this year and will continue to do so after the Museum itself closes this year. Please continue to respond to the call for help.

Readers will discover that the West Shore was a well engineered,
double track, signaled main line railroad! John Ham shines light upon a route dripping with history, and still a vital CSX link.


This high quality 312-page book has six hundred photos, a color section, heavy duty hard covers and on high grade glossy paper.

Mr. Ham is an “original source”
concerning New York railroads and with the help of several co-writers
he has written 10 definitive books on
the subject. Too many to list here but subjects rang
e from the “old up &
down” to the grand old stations and steam locomotives of the U&D to the Catskill Mountain snow trains to the Katerskill and Hunter branches through the Notch plus many more.


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